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Actively promoting quality standards, safety, growth and development in an ever changing environment, TMAWA represents industry members serving as a collective voice for the Traffic Management industry in WA.


TRAFFIC MANAGEMENT… A safe place in an unsafe environment.

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TMAA TCOY Quarter Winners September 2015

TMAA are pleased to announce and congratulate the Traffic Controller Of the Year Quarter State and Territory Winners and the National Overall Winner for the September 2015 Quarter. State and Territory September 2015 Quarter Winners Louise Crothers (Northern Territory)... read more

TMAA TCOY Quarter Winners June 2015

TMAA are pleased to announce and congratulate the Traffic Controller Of the Year Quarter State Winners and National Overall Winner for the June 2015 Quarter. State June 2015 Quarter Winners Rebecca Sheedy (Vic) Caroline Barry (Qld) Kevin Bell (SA) Amy Foley (NSW)... read more

TMAA TCOY Quarter Winners February 2015

The five state winners for the Traffic Controller of the Year (TCOY) February Quarter and the National February Quarter winner (TCOY) are as follows: State February Quarter Winners Peter Woods – Australian Traffic Control – TCOY February Quarter State Winner... read more

The Traffic Management Association is counting on a 110% commitment from each member this year, our need to consistently deliver our message to Industry is greater than ever. While the challenges are great, I am convinced that we have a committed talented team of proficient professionals in our association who will deliver to the marketplace a solid and exciting message. I believe that an association smart enough to react quickly to demand, will have a distinct advantage at the hub of industry, if we all pull together and pledge our total commitment and effort we will accomplish this important purpose.

Thank you for your efforts and personal contributions as we work towards this goal.

Graeme Phillips

President, TMAWA

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